Buddhist Testimonies

This section of my blog contains testimonies by Buddhist relating how they encountered the Buddha’s teachings and how the Buddha’s teachings changed their lives.

I hope that by sharing these testimonies, we would be able to inspire fellow Buddhist walking the Buddhist path. If you wish to share your own testimony as well, do let me know.

  • Meeting the Dhamma: Malaysian in search of Wisdom, by Associate Professor Dr Wong Yin Onn
  • A testimony by Chong Kwek Yan, PhD Student in Biology at NUS and former NUSBS President, on how events in his life led him to Buddhism and to become motivated to work with Buddhist Youth.
  • A testimony by Kee Yingxin, former President of NUS Buddhist Society on how she became a Buddhist and her experience as the President of the Society
  • A personanl sharing by Shen Shi’an on his personal journey as a Dhamma worker and practitioner. Shi’an is a full time Dhamma worker and one of the founding member of Dharma Propagation Department in Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
  • A testimony by Tok Meng Haw, administrator and owner of this blog, A Handful of Leaves
  • A sharing by Wei Ya, co-editor of Moonpointer and TDE.

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  1. John Lui says:


    I would like to recommend you the following website on the Bhante Punnaji teachings at
    Maybe you can find some new perspective on the teachings of the Buddha as compared to most Buddhists.

    John Lui

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